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Re: RAVE - hit 300,000 miles the other day

Wife's car, 97 C280 Sport, just turned 155,000 last weekend. I know because I changed the oil last weekend and wrote it down.

This 97 car is the only car, that as a couple, we bought new. In fact, I was between being a GM or a Ford guy forever, and my wife just had to have a brand new Benz. I was like, "are you frickin nuts? We can't afford no Mercedes Benz!"

I tried everything to sway her. There was no swaying her. That's what got me into Benzes. The only other brand car I bought after that was Grand Voyager minivan to haul crap around in, and more recently, a Ford F700 that I am turning into a tow vehicle for Plain Vanilla.

It's been a good run with Benzes. As far as I am concerned, the cheapest cars to own for the longhaul. And none of them really look dated.
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