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Re: Rant away

Yuk! Leni, I'm sorry you have to be cooped up inside like that.

Different rant: I run to Walmart, yesterday, to pick up a few items. An elderly lady with a walker and a younger lady were ahead of me. There was a display of poinsettia plants between the "In" and "Out" doors. They stopped, not once, but twice to look at the plants. Not even an attempt to move aside to allow people behind them to get by.

I had to think that the older lady probably gave her kids heck if they were in the way of other shoppers, back when they were young, now, she's doing it.

I think everybody thinks that they're the only shoppers in the whole store! Makes me wanna build my own shopping care with a 20 hp engine and 3/8" plate on the front and just go where I wanna go!
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