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Please, link to your site in your sig ...

The way to really kick a site off with a bang is LINKS. The internet is driven by links. Feel free to put a link in your sig, and be sure to have a link to nettowntalk on the site you are linking to.

I have recently found a social networking tool that allows me to get a high level view of where Net Town Talks links are coming from. Interesting for sure but it points out that we are very weak on links which is expected as we are just starting out with this venue. We need more to thrive as a Town Talk forum.

Please put your links in your sig and post them here with your site pointing to where you linked to NetTownTalk. Reps and thanks for everyone who participates in this effort. And please, help spread the word, if you know of other sites that might be interested in a link exchange help us pursue that also. We'll all win in the long run.

Thanks for your help with this.
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