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Re: Your job ???

Originally Posted by Trakternutz View Post
Basin Electric? How long ago did you work for them?
How long ago, when you get to be this old, it was a long time ago.

The year was 1976 and I had just graduated from college and interviewed there and took their tests and at the time I had the second highest score on the math except for the head of the department, ending up interviewing with about three different people. When I was offered a job I was excited with all of the interviews and what I ended up in is plant accounting and 3.75 an hour. Drove back and forth to the plant every dad working out the closing up of the accounting end of Leland Olds #2.

One of the straws that broke the camels back was in the fall went back to the main office in Bismarck, and one of the older hands told me while doing the accounting that the nuts which are more expensive than washers went into overhead and the washers went into parts.

The other major one was that one of the guys I worked with at the plant was going down to head up Wheatland in Wyoming and he wanted me to go along down there, rather than be transferred out to some rattlesnake infested flat prairie town I got a job with a CPA firm and quit after seven months.
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