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Are you from Arizona?

Hi! My name is Greg Perrine. I am the owner / webmaster of this forum. I live in SE Ohio, so I'll be particularly active in the Ohio forum. I hope you all will jump right in and help our Arizona forum get off to a good start here on Net Town Talk. You'll find this is a fun place to spend some time, debate some topics and share some ideas.

We're looking for folks from Arizona to discuss anything going on in your part of the state. We've created forums for some of the cities.

All state topics should go in this forum and if you are talking about a specific city and there is no forum for it please put the city as the first word in the title of your post. Like:
Yuma: Letter to the editor.
(we love letter to the editor, so feel free to post those here.)

When we have three folks posting from any city that does not have a forum we'll be happy to create a forum just for you, in the mean time please post your city topics in the general Arizona forum and put your city name in the subject line.

If you need help with anything email GregP AT Net Town Talk .com (remove the spaces), or simply click the contact us button at the bottom of every screen. That email goes to me also.

Enjoy and don't forget, Post often!
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