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Re: Your job ???

Originally Posted by muleman View Post
I have worked a variety of trades over the years. Started out working on big industrial boilers as a 17 year old apprentice. At 20 I got into a machinist apprentice at AMF about the time they bought Harley Davidson and quit making snowmobiles. After several layoffs and freshly married I went to work for a major defense contractor machining tracked vehicles(tanks). Did that for 18 years and had moved up to Cad/Cam design and N/C programming after 10 years as a machinist setup man. Left there for a good offer to setup a cnc machining department for Dentsply Intl. They paid me very well and I still enjoy a nice stock portfolio from them. Left there and did some heavy equipment operating for a few years installing a sewer system in several local towns. Then got back into boiler and burner work till I moved to the mountains of Pa. I worked installing the wheel assemblies and air brake systems under subway cars till my medical problems forced me into early retirement. Now I work for the wife full time and myself a little bit!
Very interesting Muley. Damn. You've done so much. Very impressive.
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