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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
Kewl. Thanks Brents. We are slowly moving rock from various location on our 50 acres to the river bank to stop erosion. A power dump would sure save a lot on my old aching back.

Any chance of adding or to the credits at the end of any videos you post on youtube? That would be awesome.
I will add all the sites to any future videos I do. I noticed this morning that one of my videos had over 21,000 hits.

To answer some of the other comments.

No I have not rolled it but one of my kids has. My youngest who is 8 rolled it a little over a year ago. She wasn't really going fast. She was going through a turn and hit a stump that was in some high grass. It went over on the passenger side. She had her seatbelt on like she was supposed to and not a scratch. The Ranger wasn't hurt at all.

My Ranger will run 44 MPH. When I bought it I considered the Gator HPX and Kubota RTV 900 as well. The HPX beat me death, it really had a rough ride. The RTV rides like a Cadillac, but the 800 pounds or so of extra weight would not of worked well in the swampy areas of our property.
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