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Do you change your cabin air filter?

I had never changed any of the air cabin filters in my vehicles until recently. Last fall I changed the one in my Chevy Silverado at 13 years and 120k miles. When I took it out it was disgusting. It was black (was originally white) and had quite a bit of stuff in it. Thought it was bad, but change the one in our Accord on Saturday as I did all 4 brakes and a tune-up to it. Man was that ever disgusting. The car is a 2000 and will turn over 200k miles this week. It was to the point it was stinking in it. The kids kept saying it was from me farting in in. Well when I took that filter out, my stomach started turning. It was absolutely gross. It was even blacker than the one from the truck, full of bugs and leaves and it even had some mold and mildew on it. Once I pulled the filter out I had to take a shop vac and suck the space out. That didn't get it all and I had to take the air hose and blow the crap out - so then it went all over the car and I had to vacuum the whole front of the car because it had crap everywhere. When we got in the car yesterday to go to the 4-H meeting, the smell was almost gone from the car.

So do you change your cabin filter? And if so, how often? After reading this, I bet you do now.
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