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Re: Your job ???

Started out working for a fire prevention company that supplied every thing from extinguishers to smoke and heat detection equipment....train operators and oil rigs were big parts of the job....

Moved on to retail management... done this for a building supply/diy chain for some years...

some years were mixed.....over seeing large site maintenance contracts.....driving long distance in haulage.....easiest was working for a large local firm overseeing that the right department had the correct allocated space for their operations...this firm is a large company involved in space exploration.

Then i dipped into the general building lark.....self employed and done it ever since....i like being my own boss and mostly doing small jobs that pay the bills...i have contracts with small local firms maintaining their premises but lots of work is for regular customers upgrading their homes like kitchen fitting and bathrooms ect......but am open minded to pay the bills.

Jack of all trades kinda sums it up.......lots i missed out to save you readers the boredom.
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