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Re: Your job ???

Originally Posted by Galvatron View Post
I forgot to add Bum to my list....i think we all have that stage in our lives.

The Motorcycle business interests me....tell me more when you have the help me stay focused.
Bought into a motorcycle store in 1982 that sold Harley's and BMW's. In the process we purchased another store that sold all of the Japanese lines except Honda, it also sold lawn and garden and some marine. Looking back now we were in a recessionary period here, we had a lot of repossessions. When Harley went to an allocation system based upon prior year sales our allocation was 16. When I was forced out the allocation was up to 88. Now anyone who has the dime can buy one as they are in over abundance.

We closed the second store in 1986 as there was not enough business and transferred two of the lines to the main store along with the snowmobiles. I started the HOG chapter in 1990 and redid the store in 1989 to the new designer Harley design.

In 1999 my partner in the corporation wanted out but he had 51% of the stock so he bought me out at book value and finally did some work built a new store and sold out a couple of years later and got all of the blue sky and retired a millionaire, me I still work.

I cannot say that I miss the job as you are always putting up with a bunch of BS, either from the customers, employees or the suppliers. There were a lot of good customers and I did enjoy the HOG club until it got to big, still belong but just to get the newsletter as I enjoy riding by myself. Finally got back into it last year after a ten year hiatus, have the 98 95th anniversary Ultra in Florida and a 2010 Ultra here at the farm, also a 92 Electric Glide with a double wide California sidecar.

I enjoy life much more now tending my vegetables. The hours are a little longer during the summer but winters off are nice.

Sorry no pictures on the PC to keep you focused.
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