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Re: Your job ???

I took electricity and electronics in tec school

Worked in a bowling alley from 14 to 19 fixing the pinsetters and dressiing the lanes ect.

After tech school I worked for a company that made planetariums for a brief while.

I went to a company that made conveyors and did their wiring and fitting and some welding there.

I left there to go to a company that made cash registers and back office equipment for department stores I worked there 10 years dong maintenance work then they got bought and closed.

I went to work as an electrician for a printing plant hated working for the union and the union not working for me.

Ended up in another printing plant learned plc's programing and more computer stuff did all there mechanical work to supervised 4 guys there about 8 years

Went to a plant that made sealed beam headlights (see any in the cars lately? plant closed 5 years after I left) doing electrical work and programing the plc's

I went to another printing plant as doing the electrician thing and programing still there.

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