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Re: Your job ???

Hey all...I haven't been here in a while.

So here's a list of all the jobs I've done right from the start. Some I did at the same time while waiting for a full time job after college.

1. Lemonade stand at age 7.
2. Newspaper route at age 10.
3. Babysitter at age 12.
4. Gas jockey at age 14.
5. Summer job cutting a nature trail at age 16.
6. Evening cook for one year at age 17.

That brings me up to the point where I graduated High School.

7. Teacher's aide in special education dept at high school.
8. Home support worker working with the handicapped.
9. Mill worker
10. Children's Services Worker(current job)

It was May in my last year of High School and I still had no clue what I wanted to do after graduation. I had previously wanted to become a chef but working in the food industry for a year killed that thought. A 2 year college course was advertised in the paper working with the mentally and physically challenged. I signed up and got accepted. A week later, a part time job in that feild came up so I applied. I worked in that job part time while I went to school full time. Once I graduated college, I waited patiently for a year for a full time posting to come up where I was working with the handicapped. During my college course, I did 2 placements in the high school as a teacher's aide in the special education department. After graduating, I applied as a substitute teacher's aide and did that 2-3 days a week while still working part time with the handicapped. I then managed to get a full time position working with the handicapped so I did that for another 6 years till I got tired of all the bitching and bellyaching the women that worked there were doing......seriously.....put 60 women working together and only 3 men....guarantied that at any given time during the month, a third of them are on their rags and who gets the blunt end of the stick when that guessed it...the male!!!

So I needed a break from that field for a bit. I applied for a job at the mill and worked there for 7 1/2 yrs till it shut down. During a layoff, I got my truck driver's license. When the mill shut down for good, any job around this area was hard to come by. A job came up in the paper looking for a Children's Services Worker working with foster children. The college course I took also qualified me for that field so I applied and got the job. I love it so far. Been there two years now.

How's that for a 34 year old?
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