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Old 02-28-2011, 08:33 PM
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Webster Farmers Market

Was at the Farmers Market in Webster today. First of all the markets down here are not like the ones back home where we have to raise the produce to sell it. The market is Webster is dominated by sellers who buy the produce from wholesalers or from the producer and then bring this purchased product to the market.

The market in Webster was started in 1937. They have many areas that are covered where the vendors can sell their wares. Only one of the eight to ten covered areas is for food, the rest is for flea market type sales. The market is only open on Monday's with a livestock sale on Tuesdays. The grounds must be at least 40 acres that the market covers.

The town of Webster is only a little over 900 people and is located WNW of Orlando by about 40 miles and four miles north of highway 50 on 471. When approaching the town during the morning hours it is not unusual to have traffic backed up into town by a mile. When leaving in the afternoon traffic will be backed up to highway 50 by a mile or more. There is parking on the grounds which was accessible during December but this time of year you have to be lucky to score a spot so close that is free, close by parking is reasonable at $2.00 for a car. Quite unusual to pay so much for parking in a town so small, but any business with a couple of blocks has a sign up for the parking at a price.

Each covered area is at least three hundred feet long with enough width for vendors on both sides with plenty of room to walk in between although when I first arrived it was quite hard to walk in the produce area. Guessing that there was at least thirty produce vendors. My purchases for the day included a full flat of strawberries for $8.00, green peppers four for a buck, red peppers a five for a dollar and a smaller head of cabbage for 75 cents. Behind one the vendors there was a pickup and trailer that had four pallets of strawberries which each had 64 to 96 flats on them. At about 1:00PM three of the four pallets were still on the pickup and trailer. Maybe there was another load there earlier but a lot of people were carrying flats of berries out, sometime two or three flats. A lot of the vendors had strawberries.

All of the rest of the covered areas are flea market along with areas to the west and and other uncovered areas by the covered ones, there is also a few buildings that are occupied by antique dealers and some restaurants, some of which are trailers or in a building. I have no idea on the number of vendors but a guess between the flea market vendors and a few vegetable vendors in the open areas number in the hundreds.

There is an unbelievable amount of variety of items to be purchased from clothes, puppies, guinea pigs, dog treats, tools, as seen on TV, Shea butter, hats, cell phone charges and almost any thing else one can imagine except for guns and ammo.
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Old 03-01-2011, 06:57 AM
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Re: Webster Farmers Market

Markets like that can be fun and are a good place to get produce sometimes. Sadly there are few places left that allow farmers to sell direct. Most of them are like you describe where a guy rolls in with a truckload of something to sell. Our local one up here is still a lot of direct sales but big quantities that most folks don't want to be bothered with. We buy certain things like apples and and other fruit up there.
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Old 03-01-2011, 07:36 AM
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Re: Webster Farmers Market

The one that operates here is direct selling. Only a handful of producers set up there. One fella is well known for his tomatoes and he grows accordingly.
They set up for 2 hrs. on Wednesday evenings and for 3 on Saturday mornings. He'll sell a pickup truck load of tomatoes in one session. His cukes are good too.
I'd hit REDDOG's stall, but, it's sorta silly to drive 103 miles to buy 6 tomatoes and some carrots, or whatever the heck he raised in The Bottoms there.
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