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Old 05-21-2009, 09:00 AM
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F1 Monaco GP

Barrichello tops Monaco first practice

Thursday free practice session one

1. BARRICHELLO Brawn 1m17.189s
2. MASSA Ferrari 1m17.499s
3. HAMILTON McLaren 1m17.578s
4. KOVALAINEN McLaren 1m17.686s
5. RAIKKONEN Ferrari 1m17.839s
6. NAKAJIMA Williams 1m18.000s
7. ROSBERG Williams 1m18.024s
8. BUTTON Brawn 1m18.080s
9. ALONSO Renault 1m18.283s
10. WEBBER Red Bull 1m18.348s
11. BUEMI Toro Rosso 1m18.695s
12. PIQUET Renault 1m19.204s
13. VETTEL Red Bull 1m19.233s
14. BOURDAIS Toro Rosso 1m19.255s
15. FISICHELLA Force India 1m19.534s
16. KUBICA BMW 1m19.560s
17. HEIDFELD BMW 1m19.579s
18. SUTIL Force India 1m19.600s
19. GLOCK Toyota 1m19.698s
20. TRULLI Toyota 1m19.831s
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Old 05-21-2009, 11:11 AM
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Re: F1 Monaco GP

Thursday free practice session two

1. ROSBERG Williams 1m15.243s
2. HAMILTON McLaren 1m15.445s
3. BARRICHELLO Brawn 1m15.590s
4. BUTTON Brawn 1m15.774s
5. MASSA Ferrari 1m15.832s
6. VETTEL Red Bull 1m15.847s
7. KOVALAINEN McLaren 1m15.984s
8. RAIKKONEN Ferrari 1m15.985s
9. NAKAJIMA Williams 1m16.260s
10. PIQUET Renault 1m16.286s
11. ALONSO Renault 1m16.552s
12. WEBBER Red Bull 1m16.579s
13. SUTIL Force India 1m16.675s
14. TRULLI Toyota 1m16.915s
15. BUEMI Toro Rosso 1m16.983s
16. BOURDAIS Toro Rosso 1m17.052s
17. HEIDFELD BMW 1m17.109s
18. GLOCK Toyota 1m17.207s
19. FISICHELLA Force India 1m17.504s
20. KUBICA BMW no time
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Old 05-21-2009, 12:02 PM
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Re: F1 Monaco GP

Quotes after Thursday's practice sessions....

BMW Sauber’s Robert Kubica and Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel on their early engine woes; Williams’ Nico Rosberg on a positive first day; and Rubens Barrichello on his great start to the Monaco weekend. All 20 drivers, and selected team personnel, report from Monte Carlo…

Red Bull
Sebastian Vettel, P1 - 1:19.233, 13th; P2 - 1:15.847, 6th
“We had an engine failure in the morning, which cost us some track time. Things like that are important for the driver, as well as the car, as you need to get into a good rhythm round here. Nonetheless the boys fixed the car, which I think was quite tricky as some of the parts arrived last minute, so it wasn’t easy. But, we still managed to complete quite a few laps and get a lot of data – including a view on the different tyre compounds, so I think we’re in decent shape, but of course we always want to be on top!”

Mark Webber, P1 - 1:19.348, 10th; P2 - 1:16.579, 12th
“It was a bit of a mixed bag today. We didn’t have a great run, reliability-wise, which was a first this season. There was a vibration in the rear of the car during this morning’s session so we stopped early, but the boys did an amazing job to get the car back out for the afternoon. I think it was a good recovery for us to do as many laps as we did. We didn’t get the ultimate lap time in the second session, as we were running under yellow flags at the end, but the long runs were good and we’ve gathered plenty of data to go through for Saturday. It looks very tight and competitive here, so it should be an exciting race.”

Jarno Trulli, P1 - 1:19.831, 20th; P2 - 1:16.915, 14th
"We did our normal work of setting up the car and trying to find a good balance. Of course the track surface was dirty this morning and that meant there wasn't much grip. In second practice I had some problems with the tyres and with degradation so we must look into that and work out a solution. We have plenty of work to do but here in Monaco we have an extra day to study the data and improve the set-up. We certainly won't be having a day off tomorrow."

Timo Glock, P1 - 1:19.698, 19th; P2 - 1:17.207, 18th
"That was not an easy day for me. We tried out several mechanical and aerodynamic set-ups in the morning and then in the afternoon we spent more time looking at the tyres. It's hard to say where we are at the moment. Overall, in terms of lap times it was not great but it's always tough to judge after practice. We need to work on getting better traction and getting the best out of the tyres, which was a bit of a challenge in the afternoon. It's tricky but we have a lot of information to look at and we'll make improvements before qualifying."

Dieter Gass, Toyota chief engineer race and test:
"We had a busy day today, doing a lot of laps without major technical problems on the cars. We spent first practice mainly on set-up and assessing some new items we have for this race and in the second session we worked mainly on tyres. We seem to be struggling a bit with long-run consistency so that is something we have to look into. I am not too worried about the time sheets because we set our fastest lap times on the option tyres very early in the second session and we know there is significant circuit evolution here in Monaco. We will now analyse our data, not only tonight but also tomorrow, and come up with the best package we can for Saturday and Sunday."
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Old 05-23-2009, 07:50 AM
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Re: F1 Monaco GP

Saturday Morning final free practice session before Qualifying...

1. ALONSO Renault 1m15.164s
2. BUTTON Brawn 1m15.233s
3. KOVALAINEN McLaren 1m15.278s
4. BARRICHELLO Brawn 1m15.286s
5. MASSA Ferrari 1m15.293s
6. RAIKKONEN Ferrari 1m15.382s
7. HAMILTON McLaren 1m15.389s
8. VETTEL Red Bull 1m15.722s
9. ROSBERG Williams 1m15.758s
10. WEBBER Red Bull 1m15.985s
11. NAKAJIMA Williams 1m16.103s
12. SUTIL Force India 1m16.228s
13. BOURDAIS Toro Rosso 1m16.301s
14. FISICHELLA Force India 1m16.317s
15. PIQUET Renault 1m16.382s
16. BUEMI Toro Rosso 1m16.432s
17. GLOCK Toyota 1m16.527s
18. KUBICA BMW 1m16.599s
19. HEIDFELD BMW 1m16.661s
20. TRULLI Toyota 1m16.810s
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Old 05-23-2009, 10:19 AM
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Re: F1 Monaco GP

Button takes superb Monaco pole.

World championship leader Jenson Button put himself in the ideal position to extend his remarkable Formula 1 winning streak by taking an exquisitely judged pole position for the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Brawn driver lurked beneath the radar in the first two knockout sessions and then pulled out all the stops when it really mattered on his crucial final Q3 lap to pip an on-form Kimi Raikkonen by a scant 0.025s.

Rubens Barrichello took third on the grid on his 37th birthday ahead of Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel, the second Ferrari of Felipe Massa and Williams standard-bearer Nico Rosberg.

Monaco GP starting grid

1. BUTTON Brawn
2. RAIKKONEN Ferrari
4. VETTEL Red Bull
5. MASSA Ferrari
6. ROSBERG Williams
8. WEBBER Red Bull
9. ALONSO Renault
10. NAKAJIMA Williams
11. BUEMI Toro Rosso
12. PIQUET Renault
13. FISICHELLA Force India
14. BOURDAIS Toro Rosso
15. SUTIL Force India
16. HAMILTON McLaren
19. TRULLI Toyota
20. GLOCK Toyota
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Old 05-23-2009, 11:33 AM
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Re: F1 Monaco GP

I know this is just qualifying, but Brawn is dominating this year!
2000 Ford Focus ZX3
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Numbers coming soon
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Old 05-23-2009, 12:00 PM
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Re: F1 Monaco GP

Originally Posted by dirtyfingernails View Post
I know this is just qualifying, but Brawn is dominating this year!
I think Honda are gutted they sold the team to be honest...They invested Millions into this years car and a year and a half developing it to be the best...pulled the plug and now Brawn is getting all the praise.

But saying that if it had the Honda engine in the back rather than the Merc one i dont think it would had been as good...the Honda Engine was no match.

Kimi is my hot favorite for the race win as he has the added KERS package which is great as a launch control advantage of the start line and if he gets round the first corner in first place he will scamper.

Fuel loads permitting.
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Old 05-23-2009, 01:47 PM
Galvatron Galvatron is offline
Join Date: Oct 2008
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Posts: 660
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Re: F1 Monaco GP

Below is the provisional grid for Monaco with each car's weight.

1. Jenson Button, Brawn GP, 647.5 kg
2. Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari, 644
3. Rubens Barrichello, Brawn GP, 648
4. Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, 631.5
5. Felipe Massa, Ferrari, 643.5
6. Nico Rosberg, Williams, 642
7. Heikki Kovalainen, McLaren, 644
8. Mark Webber, Red Bull, 646.5
9. Fernando Alonso, Renault, 654
10. Kazuki Nakajima, Williams, 668
11. Sebastien Buemi, Toro Rosso, 670
12. Nelson Piquet, Renault, 673.1
13. Giancarlo Fisichella, Force India, 693
14. Sebastien Bourdais, Toro Rosso, 699.5
15. Adrian Sutil, Force India, 670
16. Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, 645.5
17. Nick Heidfeld, BMW Sauber, 680
18. Robert Kubica, BMW Sauber, 696
19. Jarno Trulli, Toyota, 688.3
20. Timo Glock, Toyota, 700.8

For the second straight race, Sebastian Vettel will line up on the grid with the lightest fuel load of all 20 runners and it is no wonder that the Chinese Grand Prix winner was especially vocal about ‘traffic’ following his run to a second row start.

Last time out in Barcelona, the Red Bull driver's gamble failed to pay dividends as he made a poor start and then spent the entire race showing the rear of Felipe Massa's Ferrari. This weekend in Monaco he lines up fourth but will clearly be pitting well before pole sitter Jenson Button, Kimi Raikkonen and Rubens Barrichello. His hope is to make a break on lap one, an unlikely prospect at a circuit where passing is all but impossible.

Interestingly, Lewis Hamilton (16th) is the only driver to qualify outside of the top ten who is running a relatively standard two stop fuel strategy. All those who have qualified in the lower half of the field have opted for a heavy fuel load. Those towards the back of the field, such as the BMW Sauber and Toyota drivers, have brimmed the cars with fuel and will be looking to run a one stop strategy - safety car depending.

As ever, strategy is one thing, but the run to Sainte Devote will send the teams into overdrive as they look to recalculate the ultimate strategy depending on track position...

Monaco - Qualifying Weight (kg)
1 . S. Vettel - Red Bull Renault RB5 - 631.5
2 . N. Rosberg - Williams Toyota FW31 - 642.0
3 . F. Massa - Ferrari F60 - 643.
4 . K. Raikkonen - Ferrari F60 - 644.0
5 . H. Kovalainen - McLaren Mercedes MP4-24 - 644.0
6 . L. Hamilton - McLaren Mercedes MP4-24 - 645.5 *
7 . M. Webber - Red Bull Renault RB5 - 646.5
8 . J. Button - Brawn Mercedes BGP 001 - 647.5
9 . R. Barrichello - Brawn Mercedes BGP 001 - 648.0
10 . F. Alonso - Renault R29 - 654.0
11 . K. Nakajima - Williams Toyota FW31 - 668.0
12 . S. Buemi - Toro Rosso Ferrari STR4 - 670.0 *
13 . A. Sutil - Force India Mercedes VJM02 - 670.0 *
14 . N. Piquet - Renault R29 - 673.1 *
15 . N. Heidfeld - BMW Sauber F1.09 - 680.0 *
16 . J. Trulli - Toyota TF109 - 688.3 *
17 . G. Fisichella - Force India Mercedes VJM02 - 693.0 *
18 . R. Kubica - BMW Sauber F1.09 - 696.0 *
19 . S. Bourdais - Toro Rosso Ferrari STR4 - 699.5 *
20 . T. Glock - Toyota TF109 - 700.8 *

* Declared weight (outside of top ten)
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Old 05-24-2009, 06:03 PM
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Re: F1 Monaco GP

Jenson Button tightened his vice-like grip on the 2009 world championship with a dominant first Monaco Grand Prix victory on Sunday, leading team-mate Rubens Barrichello home in another Brawn 1-2.

The points leader was shadowed by Barrichello in the early laps but snuffed out the Brazilian’s challenge through superior management of the super-soft tyres as the rubber dropped off dramatically for several drivers in the first stint.

As Barrichello fell back on the worn rubber, Button pulled out a big cushion and thereafter controlled the race expertly from the front to increase his title lead over the Brazilian to 16 points.

And in winning five of the season's first six races the 29-year-old matched the records of Jackie Stewart (in 1969), Nigel Mansell (in 1992) and Michael Schumacher (in 2002 and 2004) – a doubly remarkable feat given the Brawn team’s troubled winter.

Ferrari, meanwhile, enjoyed by far its best race of 2009 so far, with Kimi Raikkonen taking third and Felipe Massa chasing him across the finish line in fourth.

Red Bull's Mark Webber finished just behind Massa after making good use of a long opening stint to leapfrog the Williams of Nico Rosberg.

However, given its Brawn-chasing form in recent races RBR may well consider this a disappointing result especially after Sebastian Vettel crashed out early on.

Brawn therefore heads to Turkey with its lead in both championships significantly strengthened – an outcome which in truth had looked a good bet right from the start of the race.

Both of its drivers made inch-perfect getaways, Button easily converting pole into the lead and Barrichello, for the second successive race, hooking things up brilliantly at the lights and outdragging Raikkonen down to Ste Devote.

Otherwise, while the usual jockeying took place on the short run down to the first corner, the grid order remained relatively stable and all 20 cars expertly navigated their way through the tight right-hander and up the hill.

This wasn’t exactly the scenario Lewis Hamilton had been eyeing to make big progress from the back of the grid, however.

Despite dropping from 16th on the 20th on the grid due to a gearbox change, the Briton and his McLaren team still decided to keep an aggressive fuel strategy rather than start from the pit lane where the MP4-24 could be brimmed up with fuel and potentially allow him to leapfrog cars during the pit stops.

The move immediately backfired as the world champion made no progress from 19th off the line and from there on in he was set fair for a long afternoon with few further overtaking chances.

Both Brawns, meanwhile, of course were in the perfect place on such a tight circuit and starting on the grippier super-soft tyres they pulled steadily away from Raikkonen, the Finn's Ferrari on the harder compound.

Barrichello initially kept his championship leading team-mate firmly in sight, meaning Button’s lead was just 1.7s after six laps.

However, the Brazilian was soon to suffer the same fate that was quickly developing on fourth-placed man Vettel’s similarly super-soft tyred Red Bull.

Despite starting with the lightest fuel load of any of the top 10 runners, the German’s rear tyres quickly went off and he dropped over 10 seconds off the front three.

His struggles became so severe that eight cars stacked up behind him as he toured around the twisty streets up to 3s off the pace, with Massa and Rosberg heading an increasingly frustrated queue of drivers.

Having made one failed move on Vettel at the harbourside chicane on the previous lap, Massa tried again on lap seven but the RBR driver positioned his car perfectly under braking and the Ferrari overshot the braking zone and straight-lined the corner.

Knowing he had to give the position back to Vettel, Massa slowed on the short straight towards Tabac – but misjudged the speed and only succeed in allowing Rosberg to muscle through too.

However, both Rosberg and Massa would finally be released from behind the increasingly slow Red Bull just two laps later when Vettel’s rear tyres totally gave up the ghost and he lost all grip.

After being powerless to prevent his two rivals and team-mate Mark Webber through, he headed for the sanctuary of the pit lane to take on the harder tyres.

Yet Vettel’s afternoon still ended soon afterwards when he slammed into the tyre barrier at Ste Devote.

While all this was going on Barrichello was now experiencing the same problems and started to fall behind Button at an increasingly fast rate of knots – allowing Raikkonen on the harder tyres to close onto his gearbox.

Logical wisdom dictated that Button should be suffering the same issues given as he was on the same tyres, yet the Briton was in total control of the situation and continued to lap some 1.5s faster than Barrichello.

Raikkonen, now climbing all over the back of the second-placed Brawn, was the first of the leading runners to stop on lap 14 to take on another set of harder tyres.

Brawn then covered this on the very next lap by bringing Barrichello’s fuel stop forwards so he could finally switch to the same tyres as Raikkonen and not lose crucial track position.

Button then followed a lap later on lap 16 having opened up a 15s advantage over Barrichello.

The Briton rejoined the track behind Rosberg and just ahead of Massa, the pair flying after clearing Vettel and having been homing in on the Barrichello/Raikkonen squabble before the duo's respective stops.

However, while Rosberg was initially the man banging in the benchmark times, he would lose fourth to his Ferrari rival as a result of taking on more fuel at his lap 17 stop (in a bid to minimise the time spent on the super-softs in the final stint) and Massa staying out two laps longer.

So with the front runners' first of two stops for the day out of the way, the long middle phase of the race settled into a more predictable pattern – although there were several intriguing cat and mouse games to keep drivers’ full attention on the tortuous wall-lined streets.

The first was between Button and Barrichello as although the race leader had by this stage opened up a 16s advantage on his team-mate, Barrichello attempted to try and exert some distant pressure, getting the gap down to under 14s early in the stint.

But in truth Button was simply controlling his lead and as the laps wore on, his advantage stabilised and then even steadily increased back up again as he wound up for his final stop.

Barrichello was in turn keeping a healthy distance ahead of the two Ferraris now they were all on the same rubber, with Massa in particular continuing to look racy behind Raikkonen.

Indeed the Brazilian was pushing so hard that his race engineer Rob Smedley had to tell him to on two occasions over the radio that the team had received warnings from race control about him taking too much kerb at the chicane and turn 15.

Another man showing good pace was Webber, the Australian having moved up to fifth through the pit stop phase after staying out longer than both Rosberg and McLaren’s Heikki Kovalainen.

With passing the Ferraris on track going to be a tall order, the Red Bull driver’s only hope of improving his position was likely to come in the final stint when all three switched to the tricky super-softs.

However, with far more grip down on the track than in the early laps, the ‘option’ tyres held on for longer and the three drivers made a rather processional tour in to the finish behind the dominant Brawns.

In the end Button cruised to a brilliant victory 7.6s ahead of Barrichello, the Brazilian picking up the fourth Monaco runners-up trophy of his career.

Behind the top five, Rosberg couldn’t maintain his pace from the early laps during his long middle stint and eventually claimed a solid three points for Williams.

Fernando Alonso had a lonely drive to seventh in the Renault, the Spaniard’s car not having the pace to challenge for a higher position – although it did rather unhelpfully come to life in the closing laps and allow him to set some quick lap times.

The final point went to Toro Rosso’s under-pressure driver Sebastien Bourdais, the Frenchman narrowly beating Force India’s Giancarlo Fisichella after both made great progress on one-stop strategies.

Toyota and BMW’s miserable weekends ended with the inevitable no-score, although the former's Timo Glock performed a minor miracle to finish 10th after starting from the pit lane.

Of course that option had been open to Hamilton and McLaren and they may wish they had taken it after coming home 12th.

Having made up little ground early on, the Briton struggled with understeer throughout the race after damaging his front wing after tagging Nick Heidfeld’s BMW at Ste Devote early on.

McLaren would still have scored some points with Kovalainen, but the Finn clouted the barriers after dropping his MP4-24 on the exit of the Swimming Pool.

Monaco Grand Prix result - 78 laps

1. BUTTON Brawn
2. BARRICHELLO Brawn +7.6s
3. RAIKKONEN Ferrari +13.4s
4. MASSA Ferrari +15.1s
5. WEBBER Red Bull +15.7s
6. ROSBERG Williams +33.5s
7. ALONSO Renault +37.8s
8. BOURDAIS Toro Rosso +63.1s
9. FISICHELLA Force India +65.0s
10. GLOCK Toyota +1 lap
11. HEIDFELD BMW +1 lap
12. HAMILTON McLaren +1 lap
13. TRULLI Toyota +1 lap
14. SUTIL Force India +1 lap
15. NAKAJIMA Williams +2 laps
16. KOVALAINEN McLaren +27 laps
17. KUBICA BMW +50 laps
18. VETTEL Red Bull +63 laps
19. PIQUET Renault +68 laps
20. BUEMI Toro Rosso +68 laps
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Old 05-25-2009, 06:51 AM
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Re: F1 Monaco GP

Selected team & driver quotes...

Brawn GP
Jenson Button (1st):
"Wow! Winning the Monaco Grand Prix is something that you dream about as a child and as a racing driver and the reality of taking that victory just feels awesome. To win in Monaco is truly a special feeling. With Rubens taking a superb second place, a one-two finish for the Brawn-Mercedes team in Monaco is fantastic. The race felt like it went on forever and you feel that the barriers are getting closer and closer as the end of the race approaches. But for the last couple of laps, I was able to relax and really enjoy the moment. It's been an unbelievable day, capped with my impromptu sprint down the pit straight to the podium. I can tell you it's a very long way! But it was amazing to get such a fantastic reception from the crowd and I hope the fans enjoyed what was a great race for the team. The car felt good today but we didn't have the best of starts to the weekend so it makes this victory even more of an achievement. For the team, for Mercedes-Benz and for my family who were here in Monaco watching the race this weekend, today has to be the high-point of what has been an exceptional season."

Rubens Barrichello (2nd):
"Another one-two for the team today is just amazing. I had a really good start on the option tyre and was able to get ahead of Kimi before the first corner which put me in a great position to challenge Jenson. I had tremendous pace but following so closely behind him affected the aero balance of my car and I suffered with massive graining on the rears which lost me a lot of time. We had a great strategy to recover and I came in earlier than planned to keep second place but by then Jenson was over ten seconds ahead. However it was a great race and I really enjoyed the challenge and the fight with Kimi. I'm still very much in the fight and collecting as many points as possible whilst pushing Jenson as hard as I can."

Ross Brawn, Brawn team principal:
"Fantastic drives from Jenson and Rubens, outstanding pit stops from the team and the performance of our Mercedes-Benz engine secured an amazing one-two victory for Brawn GP here in Monaco today. Jenson gave himself the best possible chance of victory after achieving pole position with his flying lap yesterday and he was able to control the race from the front today. Bringing the car home in one piece after 78 laps is no easy feat in Monaco but Jenson was calm and assured throughout the race and drove with real finesse. Rubens had a great start to get ahead of Raikkonen and was showing excellent pace before his first set of rear tyres began to grain heavily as a result of following Jenson so closely. Unfortunately that compromised his chance of fighting it out with his team-mate but he did superbly well to keep Raikkonen at bay and bring home maximum points for the team's championship challenge. The Monaco Grand Prix is an incredibly special race and to win here means so much to everyone here at the track, at the factory in Brackley and at Mercedes-Benz High Performance Engines in Brixworth. Special congratulations to Mercedes-Benz for supplying an engine that has now won three Grands Prix, a modern day record in Formula One."

Kimi Raikkonen (3rd):
“I can’t be happy with third place, as my aim is always to win, but all the same, this podium is very satisfying for the entire team after a very difficult start to the season. However, I am happy that we are back competing at the front again. Over the past few weeks we have made a real step forward in terms of performance and this result confirms it. We still have work to do to catch up with the best, but we are moving in the right direction. This weekend, if some details had worked out differently, the result could have been different – I’m thinking of missing out on pole by a whisker or of my second pit stop when I lost a few seconds. But overall, we have to be pleased.”

Felipe Massa (4th):
“I am very happy with today’s performance. The car was very competitive: it’s clear we are on the way up and hopefully we can soon be back to fighting for the win. At the start, I lost a lot of time behind Vettel and then, because I made a mistake, I was also passed by Rosberg. But after that I quickly got back up the order and I think I could also have passed Kimi. In the three laps I had longer than him, at the second pit stop, I found myself right behind Button and so I wasn’t able to exploit the opportunity. Starting on the hard tyres was the best choice: we still lack a bit of aerodynamic downforce to be up with the Brawns, but it is too early to claim to be the second best team in the championship. What is sure is that we are working well and I am sure we will see further results of that soon.”

Stefano Domenicali, Ferrari team principal:
“The most important thing to come out of today is the confirmation that our car is back to being competitive, thanks to the great amount of work that everyone at the Scuderia, both back home and at the track, has put in over these past few weeks, without getting distracted by everything going on around us. It's not easy to work in these conditions and I want to thank everyone for what they are doing. Today, we got a third and a fourth place which, given the difficult start to our season, is a nice result, but it’s still not the one we want. Our aim is to be ahead of everyone and we will do all we can to achieve that as soon as possible. Of course the others won’t remain idle but we must continue to push as we have done in these recent times.”

Chris Dyer, Ferrari chief engineer:
“That was a very interesting race today. In the end, we are a bit disappointed, but that’s a good sign, both because it shows how much we want to get back to being ahead of everyone and also because, when you begin to think you should have been able to do better than a third and fourth place finish, it means that you are back to being really competitive again. If we had not lost position at the start, probably we could have attacked Rubens, if we hadn’t encountered a problem changing the right rear wheel at Kimi’s second pit stop. What is reassuring is the pace shown by the F60, especially in the second part of the race, when despite having more fuel than the leaders, we were always quicker. We are very happy with the performance of the car and we are confident we can improve it further with coming developments.”
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Old 05-25-2009, 06:52 AM
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Re: F1 Monaco GP

More Quotes...

Red Bull
Mark Webber (5th):
“We’re pretty happy with fifth to be honest, to get a few points after a challenging qualifying session is pretty good. There were a few more people that came in on the act this weekend, so for us to still come away with a few points is good for us in the constructors’ championship. The guys worked like hell this weekend to fit a lot of new parts so it was important for us to get some points. At other venues we’ll be stronger again.”

Sebastian Vettel (DNF):
“Not much to tell - I was braking maybe a little bit too late, locked the rears, lost the car and hit the wall. Of course we lost a lot of time already in the first stint, being on the soft tyres. We were confident that they would work for the first short stint, but they didn't. Of course it’s disappointing, but sometimes this happens. In Monaco, you make a little mistake and you pay the price.”

Christian Horner, team principal:
“A good drive from Mark today. He lost quite a bit of time in the first stint behind Kovalainen and thereafter managed to close in on the Ferraris - although unfortunately not quite enough to jump them at the final stop. Therefore fifth was the optimal finish he could achieve today. Sebastian was on an aggressive strategy from yesterday. Starting on the option tyres, they sustained high degradation almost immediately, which backed up a lot of the field. As a result we called his first pit stop reasonably early to get him onto the better tyre, but unfortunately a couple of laps later he went off at Ste. Devote. All the guys in the team have put in exceptional hours this weekend and four points for their efforts isn’t really a just reward.”

Fabrice Lom, Renault, Principal Engineer, Track Support:
“A typical Monaco race, which was long and difficult. We took a gamble with Sebastian’s tyre choice and went for the super soft tyres at the beginning, but it didn’t pay off. He then had an off, which ended his race. Mark had a very strong drive, but starting eighth he couldn’t hope for a better result than fifth. He was very quick at the end, very competitive. So, it was a bad overall result here, but I think we have some positive things to take away from this weekend.”

Nico Rosberg, Williams (6th):
"I've got to be happy with sixth place today, more just wasn't possible and we did the best we could have in the circumstances. It was a great start with lots going on, but I managed to come through and it set me up well for the early phase of the race. We then did a long middle stint on primes as we were worried about the durability of the option tyre, but they seemed to hold on much better than expected in the last stint, perhaps due to the amount of rubber down on the circuit by the end of the race. That said, I always enjoy racing here, it is a huge challenge that requires you to be inch perfect and it was very demanding out there."

Kazuki Nakajima, Williams (15th):
"The start and the initial part of the race was good for me, but ultimately it was frustrating as I always seemed to be picking up traffic out of the pitlane or responding to blue flags and then losing track position to the one-stoppers. In the final analysis the outcome was disappointing, I was on the option tyre and I was pushing perhaps too hard when I had my accident nearly at the finish, but at least I had a good feeling with the car today."

Sam Michael, Williams technical director:
"It was good to collect some points today and Nico drove well, unfortunately we were on a compromise strategy as a result of yesterday's qualifying, so it was always going to be quite difficult for Nico to beat the guys around him, but he did well to earn some points. It was difficult to progress Kazuki somewhere like Monaco where you can't overtake. The car was good in terms of pace around here and if we keep pushing the development, the performance will start to show through."

Fernando Alonso (7th):
“It was a hard race and very tight from the beginning, but the car felt good and kept improving during the race. We had a good strategy but here in Monaco the starting position is essential and so starting ninth and gaining two places and two points is a satisfying result. My motivation and the motivation of the team remain very high. We have a lot of new things for the upcoming races and we are confident that the second part of the season should be better for us.”

Nelson Piquet (DNF):
“I’m really disappointed to have been taken out of the race. I made a decent start and I was in good shape because I was running a long first stint and all the cars ahead of me were very close. Then I got hit from behind on the straight by Sebastien Buemi, which damaged the rear of my car and forced me to retire. It’s really frustrating as I think I could have maybe scored some points today.”

Flavio Briatore, Renault managing director:
“Very disappointing for us today as we were not helped by the circumstances. Nelson’s race was cut short by an accident where he was not to blame and Fernando’s was spoiled by the traffic, which didn’t work in our favour. Nevertheless, we know that Monaco is an atypical race. It’s also some consolation that the car kept improving during the race and was matching the pace of our main competitors. We are working harder than ever and plan to introduce another step forward, starting at the next race in Turkey. We have shown we can react fast and hopefully the rest of the season will see us bring in serious points for the team.”

Pat Symonds, Renault executive director of engineering:
“It was a long and tough afternoon, but Fernando pushed hard throughout the race and has come away with a couple of points. We had higher hopes for this race, but it’s encouraging that the car’s pace was really improving throughout the race. Nelson was very unlucky to have been taken out in the early stages as he had made a good start and was running a promising strategy. It’s a shame for him, but he’ll bounce back in Turkey.”

Remi Taffin, Renault head of engine operations:
“Despite finishing seventh, we are a bit disappointed. We actually thought that we would be able to do better. Our strategy did not unfold as we wanted it to and we were blocked by some slower cars. However, when Fernando was in clean air, the performance was there. Nelson’s race ended prematurely with an accident which is a shame because I think he could have been competitive today. However, we will take these two points and hope to get a better result in Turkey.”

Toro Rosso
Sebastien Bourdais (8th):
“It feels good to score points here, at what can be considered my home grand prix as there is no French race. The team worked really hard today. I felt that, again, I hadn’t done a good job in qualifying, so, I can be happy to finish P8, given the small number of incidents today. It’s another point which is important: it’s not enough, but it’s better than nothing! The car performed consistently, especially on the prime tyre although the balance wasn’t perfect. Then, on the options I tried to look after them as I’d had trouble with them on Thursday. I managed the situation, as the car was moving more and I had some degradation. Once I got ahead of my direct rivals and there was no one within reach in front of me, I settled into a rhythm, concentrating on bringing the car home. I had several tricky moments, but that’s what street racing is about. It was a fun race, with the satisfaction of scoring a point starting 14th. If I can improve in qualifying in the coming races, then maybe we can hope for more, starting in Istanbul.”

Sebastien Buemi (DNF)
“I didn’t have a perfect start and I lost a position to Piquet, but it was not going too badly. Then I just tried to overtake him, as with Vettel slowing everyone down on the option tyre, I thought this might be my only chance to get back ahead of him. I was right up behind Piquet, in his slipstream and when I tried to pull out and make my move he went on the brakes and I could not get out from behind him, so I ended up pushing him all the way into the first corner. I am sorry about this and I went and apologized to him.”

Franz Tost, Toro Rosso team principal:
“After scoring points here last year, it seems that Monaco suits us, as once again the ball in the Roulette wheel fell in the Red. Buemi’s start wasn’t bad, but he got passed by Piquet. Our car had the potential to be faster, but as usual at this track, you end up in the barriers if you don’t have the discipline to wait a little bit. But, in Buemi’s defence, he did a really good job in qualifying and I see today’s incident as another step in his learning process. I am really happy for Bourdais, who drove a fantastically good race, picking up a point that is very important for him and the team. This result is good for his self-confidence for the next few races. Well done to the strategy crew, led by Laurent Mekies. They changed the strategy a few times during the race and it turned out to be the correct choice.”
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Re: F1 Monaco GP

And some more Quotes....

Force India
Giancarlo Fisichella (9th):
“Ninth position is a great result for the team. The pace was very good and consistent and I felt I was driving well, taking care of the tyres and putting in some fast laps at the same time. I just lost a position at the start and perhaps it was this that cost me the point in the end, but we have to be happy about today. It was a great step forward, to get two cars into Q2 and then to get within two seconds of a point. We need to keep pushing and be there all the time now.”

Adrian Sutil (14th):
“We had started on a one-stop strategy, which would have been OK but we used the supersoft tyre from the start and they grained up very quickly. I had to pit and lost a lot of time there. That was it really - it was hard to come back from this. In the end I was doing some quick laps and had quite a good pace, so there are some positives and we can be happy at some aspects. There is more to come from us for sure.”

Dr Vijay Mallya, Force India chairman and team principal:
“This has been a very encouraging weekend all round. We got two cars into Q2 and finished within a whisker of the points; and all on merit. We've incremented our performance and raced it well this weekend, and we know we have more upgrades in the pipeline, which is a great motivating factor. I would like to say thank you to both drivers for keeping focussed and pushing so hard and to the entire team at the track and at the factory for keeping the momentum going. If we continue on the path we have now laid before us, I am certain we'll achieve the success we all deserve.”

Timo Glock (10th):
"I have to say that finishing in the top 10 was a bit more than I expected at the start of the race considering how the weekend had gone up to then. We had good pace in the last stint but when you start from the pit lane in Monaco you cannot expect to score points. This weekend started badly and from then on we were playing catch up. At Monaco you want to start the weekend on a good basis and then adjust the car to the track as it evolves, but we had problems from the first practice. I am looking forward to Turkey and € hope we can improve significantly."

Jarno Trulli (13th):
"It was a tough race for me, as we anticipated after the qualifying result. It was always going to be very difficult from where we were on the grid and my strategy didn't work out. I seemed to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time with the traffic, which is obviously a real problem at this track. Whenever I was putting in a few good laps I had to slow down again because slower cars were in front and it is impossible to overtake. Now this difficult weekend is over we have to forget about it and focus on the next race when I am sure we will be much more competitive."

Tadashi Yamashina, Toyota team principal:
"Even though it has been a difficult weekend for us, and a disappointing race, the team and both drivers pushed as hard as possible and did a professional job. They never gave up even after such a frustrating qualifying result and that is a credit to them. We obviously have to look very carefully at what went wrong this weekend when we get back to Cologne. Everyone in the factory has worked really hard this season so I am sure we will be back where we belong in Turkey. We remain third in the constructors' championship so we must continue to fight hard and think positively."

BMW Sauber
Nick Heidfeld (11th):
”I tried to make up positions at the start and on the first lap, but this time it just didn’t work out. It is too narrow here. I was stuck behind Adrian (Sutil) for quite a while. Apparently he had problems with his tyres, and once I even touched the rear of his car. In turn one Lewis (Hamilton) hit me, but I was happy I was able to continue. I was on a one stop strategy, and with the softer compound on the second stint I had degradation. We gave everything today but we were too slow here.”

Robert Kubica (DNF):
“We had difficulties over the entire weekend. I had a problem at the start and fell to the back of the grid. Then I had a puncture on my rear right tyre. After the necessary pit stop I was lapping well with a very heavy car - taking the car’s potential into account. In the end I had to retire as I had brake problems.”

Mario Theissen, BMW Motorsport director:
“A better result was not possible for us here this weekend. At no point was our car competitive. No points are the result. We have to improve our speed of development significantly in order to match our own expectations. Robert had a damaged tyre on lap two and later on suffered from brake problems, which caused him to retire. Nick was the first driver to change to the softer tyre compound after a long first stint. Nobody else was on Option tyres for such a long period, and they degraded dramatically before recovering a little towards the end of the race.”

Willy Rampf, BMW Sauber head of engineering:
“After the free practice and qualifying sessions it was clear that today’s race would be difficult. Nick’s race ran without any special incidents. In the closing laps he was able to defend his position against Lewis (Hamilton) with worn out soft tyres. Robert had a flat tyre early in the race. Surprisingly, he was then able to do good lap times with a very heavy car. We had to bring his car back to the pits early due to a brake problem. Overall, this was a disappointing weekend. It is now our goal to be competitive again in Istanbul. A lot of work lies ahead of us."

Lewis Hamilton (12th):
“It was an extremely tough race. I raced my heart out and feel satisfied with my performance today. I damaged a footplate on my front wing quite early on when I clipped one of the BMWs going into Ste Devote. It meant I had a lot of understeer throughout the race - putting a new wing on made it a bit better but it wasn’t enough. In the closing laps, my tyres were going off just as much as Nick’s and it was a bit too dangerous to attempt a pass. I was thinking about one of the Rocky films - in the first film, Rocky says, ‘I just want to see the end of the fight’ and I got to the flag, pushing as hard as I could throughout the race. Congratulations to Jenson and everyone at the Brawn GP team - they’re clearly doing a fantastic job this year.”

Heikki Kovalainen (DNF):
“A disappointing outcome to my weekend after some real promise. During my first stint, I had a little difficulty making my tyres work properly. Nevertheless, I was able to get past Sebastian Vettel. My second set was much better and I was just waiting for Nico’s pitstop to have chance to pass him, unfortunately I didn’t get that far. I hit the kerb at the fast chicane and the car’s rear stepped out. I couldn’t catch it and hit the guardrails. It was my fault and I want to say sorry to my team - who have worked so hard to provide me with a competitive car. We’ll keep pushing, developing the car and continuing with the catching-up process.”

Martin Whitmarsh, McLaren team principal:
“To leave Monaco without having scored world championship points is clearly disappointing, especially since our car was very competitive here: our pace in both sessions on Thursday, and on Saturday morning, demonstrated that very clearly. Even so, after Lewis's troubled qualifying, there was little he could do from the back of the grid today - Monaco is a notoriously difficult circuit on which to overtake, even with a decent performance advantage over the cars ahead. Nonetheless, Lewis drove very hard all afternoon, which is typical of his never-give-up attitude. As for Heikki, he was driving a strong race that would have netted him a very welcome points finish, when he entered the Swimming Pool just a little too fast, unloaded his car's rear-end and couldn't quite catch it. But that's Monaco: when you're pushing hard, it's very unforgiving, as Lewis also showed yesterday. Overall, then, the 2009 Monaco Grand Prix was a race that could and should have gone a lot better for us - but the reality is that both our cars showed genuine pace so there are also plenty of positives for us to take forward from here."

Norbert Haug, vice-president, Mercedes-Benz Motorsport:
"Lewis’s chances for the race were greatly affected by him hitting the guardrails during Q1 yesterday. What could have been possible with a good starting place close to the front of the grid was shown from Lewis in the last third of the race when he was without traffic posting competitive lap times until he got stuck behind a slower car in the closing laps. Heikki crashed after two thirds of the race at the Swimming Pool section - his speed in seventh place before had been good and was promising a better result. We need to quickly put this race behind us and concentrate on further improvements for the car before the next grand prix in Turkey. My sincere congratulations to Jenson Button and the Brawn GP team for winning this prestigious race today - he has now won the last three grands prix on the same engine, a new record in modern Formula One.”
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