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Old 10-02-2012, 09:32 PM
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2000 Ford F350 has issues!

OK, got in the truck this morning to scouting for elk. Drove about ten miles round trip to get fuel, truck ran fine. Went to my hunting partners house, about 1/2 mile from mine and picked him up, truck ran fine. Drove out of his driveway and to the intersection at the top of the hill, about 200 yards, and the truck just dropped dead. Cranked and cranked and it made no effort to start. Rolled backwards down the hill and stopped and cranked some more, nothing. Got out and opened hood and stared at engine, checked connections and looked some more, nothing obvious. Got out operators manual and checked all fuses in cab and under hood, nothing. Called AAA for a tow home. Tried to start again, FIRED RIGHT UP! Called AAA and cancelled tow. Started for home 1/2 mile away, got half way there and truck just abruptly stop running again, coasted dead to my drive way and got halfway down it to a stop. Started right up again and made it to within about 100 yards from garage and died again. So, if I start it and let it idel it will runn fine. If I apply foot to pedal to about 1500-2000rpm, it will run for about 90 to 120 seconds then drop dead. 2000 f350 4x4 crewcab. 7.3 diesel.

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Old 10-03-2012, 02:57 PM
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Re: 2000 Ford F350 has issues!

Fuel pump maybe. I had similar symptoms when mine went out.
It is harder to solve when it is sporadic.
After a while mine would not restart without pouring a little gas down the carb. If you are fuel injected that would be hard to do.
Easy to get fuel pump checked though, if you can get it to he shop.
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Old 10-03-2012, 05:34 PM
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Re: 2000 Ford F350 has issues!

They had problems with a sensor on the early 7.3's. Can't remember if it was an idle or TPS one. My other thought would be fuel filter full of water.
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Old 10-03-2012, 06:13 PM
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Re: 2000 Ford F350 has issues!

Water would be my guess too.
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